Need A Professional Bluegrass Band? Try Cold Creek!

Need A Professional Bluegrass Band? Try Cold Creek!

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If you love bluegrass music, you might be looking for a favorite Utah bluegrass band to hire for your next event, and wondering who to choose. You have many different options, but some are better than others, so it’s worth doing your research.

One top bluegrass band, Cold Creek, has been performing together for over a decade, and leverages the experience of 6 amazing musicians and singers to create a unique set of sounds that will wow your audience and win their hearts, no matter what event you are running.

Choosing your band with care can make the difference between a successful event and a failure, so let’s check out more about what makes Cold Creek so special and why you might want to hire this band for your next big event.

Why Do I Need A Bluegrass Band?

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Before we start exploring the benefits that Cold Creek can offer, let’s look quickly at why you might want to hire a band – especially a bluegrass band – for an event or venue. Hiring a band isn’t generally very cheap, but it can offer more than its cost in terms of the value it brings. There are lots of reasons to opt for live music, including:

  • Bluegrass music is ideal for many different situations, including community functions, birthday parties, business launches, cultural events, and more
  • Bluegrass lets all the musicians shine since they can take turns playing the lead, and it has a distinctive, upbeat timing effect that can help to energize the audience and engage their attention
  • You’re much more likely to see people dancing if you opt for live music
  • The band will keep people entertained and can subtly shift the atmosphere of the event
  • Your event will be far more memorable and more enjoyable
  • You’ll enjoy a real degree of uniqueness that sets your event apart from everyone else’s. That’s a great thing whether you’re planning a wedding, opening a new corporate venue, or just celebrating a special day with your friends

Hiring a band can be tricky, but it’s worth the extra effort to make your day special. This is especially true if you suspect your audience might not be engaged to begin with, and you want the event to be a success from start to finish. A great band is the best weapon you have for making this happen. They can get people out on the dancefloor and lift the mood from neutral or even dull to energetic and lively. So let’s explore why Cold Creek can do this for you.

Who is in Cold Creek's Bluegrass Band?

Cold Creek is made up of 6 members with a wide range of skills, talents, and backgrounds. All of them have been engaged with music for years in a variety of different ways, and two of them – Craig and Rob – were founding members of Ryan Shupe ; the RubberBand, while Jake became the IBMA Bluegrass Guitar Player of the Year in 2020.

The other members also bring a range of skills from multiple bands, including Gift Horse and Mckenzie Bridge. Cold Creek’s members first played live together at the Brigham Youth University Folk Ensemble, and they toured across the world. Some of the members have been playing together for more than 2 decades, and all are multi-talented and have showcased their skills again and again.

Andrea and Bill write most of the band’s songs and provide the vocals, while Blaine’s banjo playing is unmatched and has earned him the title of the Utah State banjo champion. Many of the members can play multiple instruments, and they all bring amazing talent and diverse skills to the group. Together, they create a sound that is truly unique, and they have become one of Utah’s premier bluegrass bands.

As a bluegrass band, Cold Creek has shown great versatility and provided music and entertainment at a whole range of events. They have played at Utah weddings, birthday parties, music festivals, and more, and they sometimes tour the western states to spread their music more widely. They also do corporate events and functions, as well as private parties. You can book Cold Creek by clicking here.

What Makes Cold Creek Special?

You might be wondering why the band stands out as a choice for a big event, and the answer lies in the atmosphere that they can craft. Once you’ve seen and heard Cold Creek play, you’ll understand the energy and vibrancy that they can lend to any setup, with their extraordinary skillful playing and their unique sounds.

You can watch videos of their live performances here to get an idea of the quirky, energetic music that they provide, and how polished their playing is. It’s a demonstration of precision, talent, and the artistry that comes from playing together for such a long time. 

There’s no wonder that Cold Creek is considered particularly high quality; their skill is evident in every note – as is the bond that the band shares. Their playing harmonizes beautifully, with every musician complementing the others to create an extraordinary sound. The picking and playing are of exceptional quality, and there’s no doubt that they will make your event a night to remember for everyone.

They have also created 2 albums as a band, with a third album on the way, and several of the members have produced solo albums too – so if you love their music, you can purchase it on iTunes, Amazon Music, and CD. The band is highly professional and dedicated to their music, and every member has something to offer.

Cold Creek Bluegrass Band Wedding Musicians Bluegrass Music


If you’re looking for a bluegrass band, Cold Creek should be your top pick for its unique sound, professional players, dedication to music, and amazing ambiance. The band is lively and engaging, and will pull your audience into the magic of the music in no time. They are the perfect option for a whole range of events, and their skill is bound to impress any listeners.

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