Why Cold Creek’s Live Musicians Make Your Event Complete!

Why Cold Creek’s Live Musicians Make Your Event Complete!

Cold Creek Bluegrass Band Barn Live Musicians


Any event is made more amazing by having live music at it, and if you’re thinking of hiring someone for your next big day, you might be wondering how to choose the best group. You want a band that will bring atmosphere and energy, and selecting the right group can be a real challenge.

If you’re looking for Utah live musicians, Cold Creek might be the perfect choice for you; it’s made up of a group of experienced, professional bluegrass players, featuring a stunning blend of progressive and traditional acoustic music. Whatever ambiance you’re looking to create, they can help.

Many people underestimate the value that live music brings to an event, and how it can increase the participants’ engagement and enjoyment tenfold. With this band, you’ll make yours a night to remember!

Cold Creek Bluegrass Band Wedding Musicians

The Live Musicians of Cold Creek

Cold Creek is a band that plays fabulous bluegrass music on traditional acoustic instruments. It’s made up of 6 members who all bring something unique to the sound and vibe that the band offers. The members include:

  • Rob: A skilled fiddler and winner of two Telluride contests, he has played professionally for 20 years and was a founding member of Ryan Shupe and The RubberBand and String Fever.
  • Jake: The IBMA Bluegrass Guitar Player of The Year (2020), he frequently joins Cold Creek as a guest artist and is one of the best pickers in the county. He also tours with Ricky Skaggs.
  • Craig: Another founding member of Ryan Shupe and The RubberBand, he has been playing professionally since he was 11, and he plays a wide range of instruments, including the mandolin, banjo, and guitar.
  • Blaine: Cold Creek’s banjo player, he has won the title of Utah State banjo champion, and he’s one of the finest 5 string banjo players in Utah.
  • Bill: Singer and guitar player for Cold Creek, he’s also a master of the mandolin and the fiddle, and he’s the band’s main songwriter. He has been playing since 1995.
  • Andrea: Featured in the Tim O’Brien Songwriters’ Showcase, Andrea plays the bass and sings the lead harmony and vocals for Cold Creek. She grew up with bluegrass music in Arkansas.

The band is made up of an impressive mix of individuals – but what really matters is what they sound like when they come together. Cold Creek has been playing as a group for over a decade, winning numerous awards and touring across the western states. They have honed their music into a thing of beauty, and they can put on a superb performance. If you’re looking for live musicians, Cold Creek is a fantastic option.

What Sorts Of Events Can Cold Creek's Live Musicians Play At?

You might be wondering whether Cold Creek is suitable for your event, and the answer is that this band has played at a whole range of different venues and is multi-talented and versatile. Their repertoire has included things like playing at a Christmas concert with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

The band has also brought music to many events, such as concert series, city celebrations, bluegrass festivals and arts festivals, and private parties. The band has also successfully played at corporate events and weddings. The members are at ease in almost any setting and can provide an experience to remember to any crowd.

Whether you’re hosting for business colleagues, friends and family, an anniversary, a wedding, a birthday, or something else entirely, if you’re looking for live musicians, Cold Creek is a wonderful choice. Live music can transform an event, so get in touch with them about booking today.

This can easily be done through the booking tab here; you just send a message and the band will get back to you. You can also contact them via text message or a phone call if you prefer, or use their email address to discuss your needs.


What's The Music Like?

Cold Creek’s music is of the highest caliber in Utah, and it has been praised by The Nature State Conservancy Utah State Director as “the best” of live music, and something to make an event “sparkle.” The band members bring experience from a range of other popular Utah bands, including Mckenzie Bridge and Gift Horse.

The music is a pleasure to listen to, offering an insight into truly skilled playing, with amazing picking, pleasing harmonies, and beautiful arrangements. The musicians are also engaging and captivating, and love to win their audience, so they are a great way to ensure everyone at your event has a wonderful time and remembers the experience for years to come.

They have played at hundreds of venues, and the relationships between the band members offers everyone a great experience and the polish that comes with years of familiarity. The band is known for their ability to wow their listeners and create a wonderful ambiance that everyone will love.

You can listen to some of Cold Creek’s songs and even watch recordings of their live performances here to get a feel for their music, professionalism, and vibe. This will tell you all you need to know in order to feel confident booking them. The band has also produced two albums and is working on a third, and many of the individuals in the group have solo albums available too.


Cold Creek is a fantastic group to hire if you are looking to bring some professional bluegrass music to make your next event stand out. Live music is one of the best ways to light up the day and make it special and to keep your participants happy, and this Utah band offers everything you could want, including unique lyrics and sounds, professional playing, and a perfect blend of traditional and progressive Bluegrass Music.

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