Need A Band For Hire? Then You Need Cold Creek!

Need A Band For Hire? Then You Need Cold Creek!

If you are thinking of hiring a band, it’s important to make sure that you are taking on a group that is professional and experienced, so that your event will run as smoothly as possible. There are lots of things to consider before doing this, so let’s learn more about hiring musicians.

It’s important to do some research before hiring a group of musicians, because you want to know a variety of things – such as the kinds of music they play, how much they are likely to charge, what sort of space they need, and more. If you’re in Utah and looking at a band for hire, Cold Creek may be an ideal option.

Let’s look at who Cold Creek are and what they can provide to your venue in more detail – so you know whether they would be a good choice for you.

Who are Cold Creek?

Cold Creek Bluegrass Band Wedding Musicians

Cold Creek is a band made up of 6 members:

  • Andrea, the vocalist and bass player, who was featured in Tim O’Brien’s Songwriter’s Showcase
  • Bill, the guitarist and main songwriter, who has been playing since 1995
  • Blaine, the 5 string banjo player, who is the Utah State banjo champion
  • Craig, the man of many instruments, who has been playing professionally since he was 11 years
  • Jake, the guitarist who frequently joins Cold Creek as a guest and was the IBMA Bluegrass Guitar Player of the Year in 2020
  • Rob, who plays the fiddle and has won multiple competitions, including the Telluride FiddleContest and the Telluride Band Contest

All of these members are extremely professional and highly skilled, with multiple talents that lend the band a unique and beautiful sound. They have won competitions, traveled internationally, and brought the
joy of music to many events throughout Utah and the Western states.

If you are looking to bring a real appreciation of music to your event, they are the perfect choice. As bluegrass musicians, Cold Creek presents some wonderful sounds for its audiences, and lights up a whole range of different events with its music.

The band has released two albums and has a third in the works, and the musicians are versatile, dedicated, and talented individuals who bring soul and passion to the music. You can listen to some audio of the band’s top music here, and they also have videos of their live performances so you can see the energy and atmosphere that they provide – so if you need a band for hire, Cold Creek might be the one for you.

How Long Have They Been Playing For?

Cold Creek Bluegrass Band Wedding Musicians Bluegrass Music

Cold Creek has been playing as a band for over a decade, but most of the individuals involved have been playing for longer, sometimes together – a few of the band members have played together for around 25 years. This means you’ll get real experience from them; they know each other and they know their instruments intimately well.

You can therefore rest assured that they will bring a polished, professional vibe to your event, and they have the skills to pull off superb live performances in almost any situation. That degree of experience and
the relationships built between the band members means you’ll enjoy the best music imaginable.

Don’t underestimate the value of their individual experience either; because many of the members have played in other contexts too, they each bring skills and offerings to the sound and lyrics, creating music that is decidedly unique to them.

What Kind Of Music Do They Play?

This band is a bluegrass band, which is a genre that developed in the 1940s in the United States. It takes its name from Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys, and it brings an unusual and distinctive sound to the
world of music. It has an emphasis on off-beat notes and it uses African-American blues and jazz, played on acoustic stringed instruments.

The band boasts some incredibly skillful picking and playing, tight harmonies, pleasing tunes that have been created by the members, and more. Anyone who appreciates true musical talent will love the sounds created by the band, and admire the dedication that they have brought to the craft.

What Sorts of Venues Can They Play At?

band for hire

Cold Creek has already played at a wide range of venues, including a recent event in a Christmas concert with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. They have worked at all kinds of different setups, including concert series, city celebrations, and amphitheaters. They have also catered to private parties, weddings, arts festivals and normal festivals, and more.

When it comes to finding a band for hire, Cold Creek has an enormously wide range of events covered, and the members are comfortable in almost any situation – so no matter what you’re looking for, they should be able to help.

You can view the band’s albums and music here, and see the list of other bands that the members have been involved with here. The Utah State Director said that their music was “the best” and was what made the day memorable.

How Do I Book Cold Creek?

If you want to make a booking, it’s very easy to do; you can simply click here and get in touch to discuss the band’s availability directly. You will also get a phone number that allows you to call or text the band, and an email address so you can email them.

This makes it easy to find out if they would be available for your event, and to ask any questions that you may have before you proceed. The band members all live in Utah, but sometimes travel to further states to play.


Choosing a great band for your event isn’t easy, but if you’re looking for high quality bluegrass music, Cold Creek is a great pick. You can get in touch with the band using their website to discuss hiring them for the event, and they will provide you with an amazing atmosphere and beautiful, truly skillful music that everyone will remember for years to come.

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